Ya’ll making a big fuss over nothing…

March 2018. Determined to finish renovating my home and get it to Market, I’d been busy painting ceilings.

One Sunday, I had been awkwardly standing half on the wood heater and half on a ladder attempting to paint the ceiling around the flue.

Monday I woke up and my left side from my waist down was numb. Dead numb. Couldn’t feel a pin running down it.

Convinced I done something to my back I went to a Chiropractor, he told me I was too young to have this problem and said I should see a doctor. I went to almost every Chiropractor in town, none of them had answers.

I tried acupuncture. Nothing. Still numb. I was falling up steps, down steps my brain thought that my foot was a couple of inches in front of where it was.

I still carried on working and living life as normal still convinced it was my back and eventually it would come good.

I tried numerous sessions of full body remedial massage. Nope, that didn’t work either.

So maybe it wasn’t my back?

After a couple of months a friend pulled me aside and very seriously said I should see a Doctor. Maybe, if I had time. I’m too busy for all of this, it will come good.

Perhaps it’s my core strength, I should work on that I thought.

I went to the Doctor anyway. I explained everything to her and she just looked at me. “You need an MRI on your brain” she said. I can’t remember my response to her but in my head I remember thinking, Seriously?!? She gave me medication for Nerve pain and sent me off for blood tests too.

I joined the gym. I’m going to work on my core strength that will fix it.

A few days later, I got a call from the doctors. The doctor wanted to see me that day.

I’m too busy for this I thought.

The MRI showed a single flare and I was then referred to a Neurologist…

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