Things not to say to a chronically ill person

Well at least you don’t have to go to work.

You aren’t eating.

But you don’t look sick.

Oh you’ve been to the doctor, what did the doc say?

How long until you will be in a Wheelchair?

How long until you can’t drive?

You just need to exercise more.

I know someone with MS, I don’t think they even take medication, they seem fine.

It could be worse, you could have Cancer.

Why are you so tired, you haven’t done anything all day?

The drugs will make you better.

8 thoughts on “Things not to say to a chronically ill person

  1. Garth

    It’s unfortunate that people think that saying something awkward and possibly flippant is better than saying nothing. Maybe the flip side of this post is ‘what comments/questions are helpful’. What a journey that you are on! I hope your resilience is staying somewhat intact.

    1. MS Magoo

      The flip side is already in draft This journey is most certainly helping me grow as a person. A wise woman once told me you cant control what other people say and do you can only control your reaction.

  2. Shane Mallory

    Illnesses that are not obvious or not manifested in some physical form are very difficult to be comprehended by people who have not experienced them first hand. To me, the best thing to do is simply say, I’m here for you.

  3. Positively Alyssa

    Living with a chronic illness isn’t easy and those without an illness do not understand our struggles. No one would ever understand our struggles until either they feel it or have a family member who does, but even then they might no understand.

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