Reimburse my GI Tract

I decided to write to Biogen today to request a reimbursement of my out of pocket expenses. I look forward to their response and will share it here.

To whom it may concern,

I was diagnosed with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in July this year.

My Neurologist gave me options of medication and after much research on the various medications available, the side effects and the Pharmaceutical Companies,  I decided Biogen’s Tecfidera would be the most suitable option for me.

I unfortunately only lasted 4 weeks on the medication and fell into the one percent category of people experiencing severe GI Tract issues.

I would like to thank Biogen for providing the ongoing support of the on-call nurse.  The Nurse assigned to me was nothing short of amazing, her knowledge, support and ongoing compassion and empathy to my experience was a godsend.

I would like to request Biogen to reimburse me for my out of pocket expenses.  I have attached receipts.

05/08/19 Tecfidera Capsules $39.30

21/08/19 Tecfidera Capsules $39.30

08/09/19 < Emergency Department Fee $200

I am seeking a total reimbursement of $278.60.

I am excited to see the progress of Biogens Vumerity trials which has reported less impacts to the GI Tract. I wish Biogen all the best in the Phase III studies and am hopeful Biogen will gain FDA approval for Vumerity.

I thank Biogen for it’s ongoing commitment to those of us living with Neurological diseases and I hope that Biogen will consider my request for reimbursement.

Kind regards

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