Alive and well

Taking Gilenya this morning was nothing like I expected. It was a walk in the park.

My girlfriend came with me for support but was sent home because apparently she wasn’t allowed in the unit. Other women had their husbands with them so if I have to do anything like that again she will be my wife lol

They checked my heart, gave me the tablet and I sat there bored shitless. An hour later they came round and done my observations and I was fine. I sent my MS Nurse a text message…

The MS Nurse and I have a great love hate relationship.

About an hour later I felt light headed and nauseous. They started talking about not letting me leave. I stopped telling them how I was feeling but they had already called the Neurologist to come down and see me.

When the nurse looking after me had her break at 2:30pm I managed to convince the rest of the nurses that I was allowed to leave at 3pm. Just getting ready for my last ECG and she came back from her break. So close to getting out of there.

I’d like to thank the nursing team for putting up with me today, I know I’m hard work when I’m bored and they took it all in their stride.

I am hopeful this round of meds will be much more tolerable than the last lot.