The Brain Bank

Ok, so this topic maybe difficult for some, but I have decided to opt into the MS Brain Bank.

The MS Brain Bank is a specialised “bank” or collection of human brain and other tissues of the central nervous system obtained from deceased donors.

The primary objective of the MS Research Australia Brain Bank is to coordinate the collection, storage and use of human post-mortem tissue from people with multiple sclerosis (MS) for use in research.

Associate Professor Michael Barnett discusses the importance of the MS Brain Bank below.

After stumbling across the MS Brain Bank website my first thought was ‘I’m in! My brain’s f*#ked, they can have it!”. This is great I thought as I filled out the fields to have an application sent to me.

The next day someone from the Brain Bank contacted me. I had forgotten to fill in the address fields. Yup my brains f#%ked. Just reinforcing what I already thought. If there’s life after death, I want a new brain, thanks.

The paperwork arrived. Going through the paperwork and I realised my next of kin had to sign it. Who was my next of kin? I googled it. My 18 year old was my next of kin. He took my diagnosis pretty hard. How will I have this conversation with him, I thought to myself…

I started talking to my son about other MS research projects I had been participating in. Then carefully broached the subject of the MS Brain Bank and how it could help those with MS in the future.

“Mum, you should seriously do that, are you going to put your name down too? He questioned.

Gen Z just amaze me with their open mindedness, their global and environmental views. My son often leaves me pondering who the adult is.

That being said my Brain Bank application is signed and ready to be sent!

You can read more about the MS Brain Bank here