A six year old’s Christmas wish list in 2019

With Christmas fast approaching my kids are busy writing their Santa wish lists.

My eldest son was so easy as a kid. LEGO. LEGO and more LEGO that’s all he ever wanted. Even at 18 he is still such an easy going kid.

My second child however is totally different.

When he was three he wanted to go to Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse. We went to Disneyland. Lined up forever to met Mickey Mouse and he screamed blue murder.

When he was four he wanted a Horse. I got a Horse for my 7th birthday and it kicked me off, so I’m not the biggest Horse fan so he got a Bike instead.

When he was five he wanted his bedroom air conditioned. Lucky for him the main air con blew up before Christmas last year so it was easy just to add another, he got his air conditioner.

This year the list consists of:

A Hoverboard

A VR Headset

A Drone

An Army Jet

RC Car

Chess Set


Surf Wallet

Surf Hat




A Dead Pool Backpack

Now when he wants to add to his wish list, I tell him to get a job.