Explaining MS to kids

How do we explain MS to our kids?

I struggle explaining it to friends and family. What do you say? This morning I couldn’t use my arm but 6 hours later, it’s fine? They think you’re crazy, you’re exaggerating.

I struggle explaining it to my friend with MS because her symptoms are somewhat different to mine.

So how do we explain it to our children?

Kids can see you trip, stumble or fall and mine laugh. But everyone has a hard time understanding fatigue, cognitive issues and visions problems.

Even though fatigue is hard to understand it is important to use the word fatigue or perhaps lacking energy when talking to kids. Fatigue is a major part of MS, our kids need to understand that it is greater than being tired. Spoon theory is one way that can be used to explain fatigue to kids.

Some of the best advice I have been given is to be specific with my kids about some of my symptoms that I can re create with them.


  • Run a hair brush down their legs.
  • tell them to spin until they are dizzy.
  • get them to walk around with ankle weights.
  • buttoning, unbuttoning clothing.
  • Let them try on a pair of prescription glasses for a few seconds.

Here’s a few video’s that are also worthwhile sharing.




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