MRI day

A part of me says stay home.

A part of me says I’m lucky it’s in a private facility and I am still able to attend.

A part of me says save the Valium for when the kids are too much at home.

A part of me says go because I need to know if the lesions that disappeared on the last MRI are there.

A part of me says go, what if there is progression.

A part of me says go because the Pharmacist is already having issues getting my MS meds and I need to know if I should start rationing them.

A part of me says don’t go because we are flat out at work.

A part of me says go because who knows when the next opportunity will be considering the current events.

I will go. Only for the simple fact that our government is throwing Billions of dollars at the current situation and in no way shape or form will our lives ever return to that which we knew them.

OCD and Multiple Sclerosis

Patients with multiple sclerosis and other autoimmune disorders are known to suffer from OCD, anxiety and depression, but the relationship between these conditions is a mystery.


Explaining MS to kids

Kids can see you trip, stumble or fall and mine laugh. But everyone has a hard time understanding fatigue, cognitive issues and visions problems.


A collection of my favourite chronic illness humour

Makes you wonder…

Janice! How?

Nope it’s MS. I put personalised plates on my car after buying a white SUV and every car in the shopping centre car parks are white SUV’s. I was sick of walking around like an idiot looking for mine lol

Yup. I’m fine. Because people can’t see past the fact that you don’t ‘look’ sick.

Me at every appointment. This disease is sending me broke!

Hmmm. Trying.

Love this! My girlfriend has a chronic illness and has the best fake tits!


I’m good, because I love Kale!

No, just no.

The struggle is real.

Yup. Had to wait 4 months to hear what I already knew.

Trips over own feet.

No! Stop!

And I thought everyone took a 30 minute nap after a hot shower.


And wine. Don’t forget the wine.

Seriously, I should rattle when I walk.

I like this. I’m going to try this on my MS Nurse at the next appointment.

Was already a weirdo.

Ain’t that the truth.

If I had a dollar for every sentence that started with ‘We don’t know’.

Get up, dress up, show up and never give up.

Sad but true.

Lol. Mint anyone?


A six year old’s Christmas wish list in 2019

With Christmas fast approaching my kids are busy writing their Santa wish lists.

My eldest son was so easy as a kid. LEGO. LEGO and more LEGO that’s all he ever wanted. Even at 18 he is still such an easy going kid.

My second child however is totally different.

When he was three he wanted to go to Disneyland to see Mickey Mouse. We went to Disneyland. Lined up forever to met Mickey Mouse and he screamed blue murder.

When he was four he wanted a Horse. I got a Horse for my 7th birthday and it kicked me off, so I’m not the biggest Horse fan so he got a Bike instead.

When he was five he wanted his bedroom air conditioned. Lucky for him the main air con blew up before Christmas last year so it was easy just to add another, he got his air conditioner.

This year the list consists of:

A Hoverboard

A VR Headset

A Drone

An Army Jet

RC Car

Chess Set


Surf Wallet

Surf Hat




A Dead Pool Backpack

Now when he wants to add to his wish list, I tell him to get a job.

The Brain Bank

The next day someone from the Brain Bank contacted me. I had forgotten to fill in the address fields. Yup my brains f#%ked. Just reinforcing what I already thought. If there’s life after death, I want a new brain, thanks.