Explaining MS to kids

Kids can see you trip, stumble or fall and mine laugh. But everyone has a hard time understanding fatigue, cognitive issues and visions problems.


A collection of my favourite chronic illness humour

Makes you wonder…

Janice! How?

Nope it’s MS. I put personalised plates on my car after buying a white SUV and every car in the shopping centre car parks are white SUV’s. I was sick of walking around like an idiot looking for mine lol

Yup. I’m fine. Because people can’t see past the fact that you don’t ‘look’ sick.

Me at every appointment. This disease is sending me broke!

Hmmm. Trying.

Love this! My girlfriend has a chronic illness and has the best fake tits!


I’m good, because I love Kale!

No, just no.

The struggle is real.

Yup. Had to wait 4 months to hear what I already knew.

Trips over own feet.

No! Stop!

And I thought everyone took a 30 minute nap after a hot shower.


And wine. Don’t forget the wine.

Seriously, I should rattle when I walk.

I like this. I’m going to try this on my MS Nurse at the next appointment.

Was already a weirdo.

Ain’t that the truth.

If I had a dollar for every sentence that started with ‘We don’t know’.

Get up, dress up, show up and never give up.

Sad but true.

Lol. Mint anyone?


The Brain Bank

The next day someone from the Brain Bank contacted me. I had forgotten to fill in the address fields. Yup my brains f#%ked. Just reinforcing what I already thought. If there’s life after death, I want a new brain, thanks.


Biogen reimbursement update.

Biogen has the responsibility to report all adverse events related to Biogen Products. Your report has been forwarded to local Drug Safety Team as an adverse event according to company SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) and local regulations.


Understanding MS in the workplace

They shared real life examples of others living with MS, some of whom had quite significant disability and how with MS Queensland’s assistance they were able to support them to maintain employment.


Alive and well

About an hour later I felt light headed and nauseous. They started talking about not letting me leave. I stopped telling them how I was feeling but they had already called the Neurologist to come down and see me.


G Day

Nervous AF. It’s a horrible feeling waking up preparing to spend the day in hospital to take the first dose so that the medical team can monitor your heart.